Stylish wooden and nicely done seat benches, made of durable material, they serve their purpose well, but for a couple of hours of travelling to a point of destination and during a speed ride fun.

If you want to enjoy your cruising, lounge in your boat enjoying picturesque surroundings, or if you are happy to sit in your inflatable boat waiting for hours for a biggest bite of your life, you better choose something more convenient. Sitting in an Admiral inflatable sofa you can make yourself comfortable, with your back relaxed leaning against sofa.

It is comfortable to sit on a cushion in any part of the boat leaning on its side.

  • Cushions and furniture are made of durable PVC material.
  • Individual sizes and colors exactly matching your boat.
  • No problems with storing, deflated furniture occupies little space.
  • Will keep you comfortable every minute of your retreat.