Length (mm): 3300

Width (mm): 1570

Cockpit length (mm): 2230

Cockpit width (mm): 670

Tube diameter (mm): 450

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 500

Boat weight (kg): 52

Max motor power (h.p): 15

Boat: 1 pc

Floor (hard floor): 1 kit

Beam: 2 ps

Bench seat: 2 ps

Pump “Bravo”: 1 pc

Oar: 2 ps

Passport: 1 pc

Manual (in English): 1 pc

Adapter for valve: 1 pc

PVC material and seams – 48 months

Furniture – 12 months

АМ-330 – Perfect choice for fishing and hunting.

A long hull, deadrise, high bearing capacity, improved navigability. Good hydrodynamic properties, wind resistance, low operating draught. Increased tube diameter and cockpit dimensions will let you feel safe on the water. Use motor up to 15 h.p. This model is enough safe be used on large lakes and rivers at moderate sea