AM 410 RIB Without Console 


Length (mm): 4 100

Width (mm): 1 800

Cockpit length (mm): 2 900

Cockpit width (mm): 900

Tube diameter (mm): 450

Number of sealed sections : 2

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 775

Motor power min/recommended/max (h.p): 18/30/40

Boat weight (kg) : 100

Boat (mm): 1 pc

Bench seat (mm): 2 ps

Oar: 2 ps

Front locker: 1pc

Stern locker: 1 pc

Repair kit (material patch + glue): 1 pc

Manual (in English): 1 pc

Anchor rim: 1 pc

Handle for steering man and passenger: 1 pc

PVC material and seams – 48 months

Furniture – 12 months

RIB boats combine the best qualities of seaworthiness, maneuver capability, speed, strength, vitality and stability. The entire hull is made of fiberglass (6-8 mm). Slip resistant structure of the deck floor looks presentable and prevents watermen from sliding.

RIB Base models contain front and stern lockers. Standard transom (h 390mm) can be replaced by a larger one (h 500mm) according to your request.

Admiral Trade offers a 4 year warranty for AM 410 RIB.

Technical specification

Length 4 100 mm
Width 1 800 mm
Cockpit length 2 900 mm
Cockpit width 900 mm
Tube diameter 450 mm
Maximum bearing capacity (kg) 775
Boat weight (kg) 100
Motor power min/recommended/max (h.p) 18/30/40
Inflatable units 5

Delivery set

Boat 1 pc
Bench seat 2 ps
Oar 2 ps
Front locker 1pc
Stern locker 1 pc
Repair kit (material patch + glue) 1 pc
Manual (in English) 1 pc
Anchor rim 1 pc
Handle for steering man and passenger 1 pc