AM 410 RIB With Console 


Length (mm): 4 100

Width (mm): 1 800

Cockpit length (mm): 2 900

Cockpit width (mm): 900

Tube diameter (mm): 450

Number of sealed sections : 2

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 775

Motor power min/recommended/max (h.p): 18/30/40

Boat weight (kg) : 105

Boat (mm): 1 pc

Bench seat (mm): 2 ps

Oar: 2 ps

Front locker: 1pc

Stern locker: 1 pc

Repair kit (material patch + glue): 1 pc

Manual (in English): 1 pc

Anchor rim: 1 pc

Handle for steering man and passenger: 1 pc

PVC material and seams – 48 months

Furniture – 12 months

RIB boats combine the best qualities of seaworthiness, maneuver capability, speed, strength, vitality and stability. The entire hull is made of fiberglass (6-8 mm). Slip resistant structure of the deck floor looks presentable and prevents watermen from sliding.

RIB Base models contain front and stern lockers. RIB Complete models are equipped with center consoles with a helm. Standard transom (h 390mm) can be replaced by a larger one (h 500mm) according to your request.

Admiral Trade offers a 4 year warranty for AM 410 RIB.

Technical specification

Length 4 100 mm
Width 1 800 mm
Cockpit length 2 900 mm
Cockpit width 900 mm
Tube diameter 450 mm
Maximum bearing capacity (kg) 775
Boat weight (kg) 105
Motor power min/recommended/max (h.p) 18/30/40
Inflatable units 5

Delivery set

Boat 1 pc
Bench seat 2 ps
Oar 2 ps
Front locker 1pc
Stern locker 1 pc
Repair kit (material patch + glue) 1 pc
Manual (in English) 1 pc
Anchor rim 1 pc
Handle for steering man and passenger 1 pc