Length (mm): 2 800

Width (mm): 1 420

Cockpit length (mm): 2 000

Cockpit width (mm): 550

Tube diameter (mm): 400

Number of sealed sections : 2

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 170

Maximum passenger capacity (persons) : 2

Maximum motor power (h.p): 2

Boat weight without OMB (kg) : 17/20/27

Boat (mm): 1 pc.

Wooden floor board (780*400 mm) (mm): 2 pcs.

Bench seat (mm): 2 pcs.

Foot pump (mm): 2 pcs.

Oar (aluminum) (mm): 1 pc.

Repair kit (material patch + glue) : 2 pcs.

Product passport (in English): 1 pc.

Air valve adapter : 1 pc.

Boat backpack 800х500х400 mm: 1 pc.

PVC material and seams – 36 months

Furniture – 12 months


Light and easy

Admiral row boats series is a perfect choice for still water fishing and recreational purposes. Nothing in excess, light and easy, this versatile boat will be great during a family outing or a relaxing fishing trip. It is easily assembled and disassembled, very compact when packed which is great for storage, transportation and moving around. The row boat is compactly packed in a handy backpack which is included in a standard delivery set.



Its streamlined shape from the bow to the stern ensures high maneuverability and will allow you travel long distance under oars without much effort.

Increased tube diameter, the raised stern and bow make the boat safe, stable and comfortable when on water.



With its spacious cockpit AM-280 will comfortably accommodate 2 persons with personal things and fishing accessories.



To make you more comfortable we offer you to equip hard benches with a soft bench seat.

You can make the boat even lighter by substituting wooden elements with inflatable seats or cushions.

Outboard mounting plate and complete timber flooring set are available at your request.

Technical specification

Length 2800 mm
Width 1420 mm
Cockpit length 2000 mm
Cockpit width 550 mm
Tube diameter 400 mm
Capacity 170 kg/ 2 persons
Maximum motor power 2 hp
Boat weight 17 kg
Packed dimensions 800х500х400 mm
Air chamber 2
Transom Mounted


Bench seat 750х200 mm (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm)
Floor Wooden floor board (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm, nonskid surface)
Floor sections 2


Thickness 0,6 mm
Total weight 750 gr/m2
Temperature resistance -30 °C / +70 °C

The boat comes being fitted with

Bow hadle

Bow hadle



4 eye rings


Grab Rope