Length (mm): 3000

Width (mm): 1420

Cockpit length (mm): 2200

Cockpit width (mm): 550

Tube diameter (mm): 400

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 220

Passenger quantity: 2

Boat weight (kg): 29

Max motor power (h.p): 3,5

Boat bag size (cm): 80x50x40

Boat: 1 pc

Flooring plate (780x400mm): 2 pcs

Bench seat: 2 pcs
Hinged transom : 1 pc

Pump : 1 pc

Oar: 2 pcs

Repair kit: 1 pc

Manual (in English): 1 pc

Adapter for valve: 1 pc

Backpack for the boat: 1 pc

PVC material and seams – 48 months

Furniture – 12 months

ADMIRAL LLC is a prominent representative of row boats manufacturers.

Using PVC MEHLER (Germany), we produce row boats of stream-line forms, seguing gently from bow to stern. It provides easy manipulation by oars, allowing rowing at a longer distance with fewer efforts. Increased tube diameter 40 cm as well as slightly raised bow and stern enlarge safety on board. AM-300TP runs slightly into the wave that excludes ingress of water into the boat, even at towing upwave.

Row boats have a spacious cockpit that accommodates 2 passengers and the implements.
One more advantage of the boat is its mobility. Due to its low weight, it is easily carried in a backpack.