Length: 4300 mm

Width: 2050 mm

Tube diameter: 550 mm

Capacity: 885 kg/ 8 persons

Maximum motor power: 30 hp

Boat weight: 106 kg

Packed dimensions (boat): 1350х750х450 mm

Packed dimensions (floor set): 1170х660х150 mm

Air chamber: 4+1

Transom: Inbuilt

Transom height: 390 mm

Boat: 1 pc.

Wooden floor set: A set

Bench seat: 2 pcs.

Foot pump: 1 pc.

Oar (aluminum): 2 pcs.

Repair kit (material patch + glue): 1 pc.

Product passport (in English): 1 pc.

Floor girders: 2 pcs.

Air valve adapter: 1 pc.

Carry bag for a boat: 1 pc.

Pocket for floor girders: 1 pc.

PVC material and seams – 36 months

Furniture – 12 months


Admiral AM-430 is a favorite choice of professional hunters and professional fishermen. This seaworthy series boat will easily cover long distances, capable of carrying up to 885 kg, and accommodating 8 people thanks to its spacious cockpit and the designed for the purpose durable structure.

With its robust tubes 500 mm in diameter, boat material 0,9 mm thick, wooden floors 12 mm thick, the boat easily withstands rough conditions and is intended for hard use. We added a keelson and a transom reinforcements to protect your boat from damage if you happen to be in shallow waters.

With the loads increased for the boat we designed a custom-tailored profile to fit the floor girder which properly fixes the flooring set especially when riding the waves.

Technical specification

Length 4300 mm
Width 2050 mm
Cockpit length 3050 mm
Cockpit width 950 mm
Tube diameter 550 mm
Capacity 885 kg/ 8 persons
Maximum motor power 30 hp
Boat weight 106 kg
Packed dimensions (boat) 1350х750х450 mm
Packed dimensions (floor set) 1170х660х150 mm
Air chamber 4+1
Built-in Inbuilt


Bench seat 1000х240 mm (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm)
Floor Wooden floor board (marine grade plywood BS1088, 12 mm, nonskid surface)


Thickness 0,9 mm
Total weight 1050 gr/m2
Temperature resistance -30 °C / +70 °C

The boat comes being fitted with

  • a built-in transom made of heavy-duty marine plywood
  • a transom reinforcement (60 mm)
  • a keelson reinforcement
  • a bow handle
  • 4 side handles to carry the boat
  • 2 side grab handles
  • profiles for a floor girder
  • d-ring/tow ring at the bow
  • grab ropes on both sides