Length: 3200 mm

Width: 1450 mm

Tube diameter: 400 mm

Capacity: 330 kg/ 4 persons

Maximum motor power: 10 hp

Boat weight: 42 kg

Packed dimensions (boat): 900х650х300 mm

Packed dimensions (floor set): 750х650х80 mm

Air chamber: 3+1

Transom: Inbuilt

Transom height: 390 mm

Boat:1 pc.
Wooden floor set: A set
Bench seat: 2 pcs.
Foot pump: 1 pc.
Oar (aluminum): 2 pcs.
Repair kit (material patch + glue): 1 pc.
Product passport (in English): 1 pc.
Air valve adapter: 1 pc.
Floor girder: 2 pcs.
Carry bag for a boat: 1 pc.
Carry bag for a wooden floor set: 1 pc.
Pocket for floor girders: 1 pc.

PVC material and seams – 36 months

Furniture – 12 months

Perfect ratio

When it comes to a high-speed ride, go for Admiral Sport series, a perfect affordable alternative to costly options like fiber glass. Represented in 2 sizes, 320 and 340, the series offers optimal ratio of size and weight, providing perfect hydrodynamic characteristics. The AM-320S and AM-340S boats are best sellers and are a result of hard work of our design team: the main advantage of this model is perfect proportions achieved through expert design and worked-out after many rounds of tests.
With a narrowed bow it will rapid and fast, but stable and safe. Thanks to the balanced design of the boat your outboard motor will show its best performance.

Technical specification

Length 3200 mm
Width 1450 mm
Cockpit length 2400 mm
Cockpit width 630 mm
Tube diameter 400 mm
Capacity 330 kg/ 4 persons
Maximum motor power 10 hp
Boat weight 42 kg
Packed dimensions (boat) 900х650х300 mm
Packed dimensions (floor set) 750х650х80 mm
Air chamber 3+1
Transom Inbuilt


Bench seat 750х200 mm (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm)
Floor Wooden floor board (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm, nonskid surface)


Thickness 0,7/ 0.9 mm
Total weight 850/1050 gr/m2
Temperature resistance -30 °C / +70 °C

The boat comes being fitted with

  • Built-in transom made of heavy-duty marine plywood
  • Bow handle
  • 2 stern handles
  • 2 side handles
  • 1 grab handle
  • D-ring/tow ring at the bow
  • D-ring for anchor at the side of a boat
  • Grab ropes on both sides