Length (mm): 2900

Width (mm): 1360

Cockpit length (mm): 2050

Cockpit width (mm): 560

Tube diameter (mm): 400

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 400

Passenger quantity: 3

Boat weight (kg): 31

Max motor power (h.p): 6

Boat bag size (cm): 90x65x40

Floor bag size (cm): 75x65x8

Boat weight (kg): 56

Max motor power (h.p): 20

Boat: 1 pc

Floor: 1 kit

Bench seat: 2 ps

Pump : 1 pc

Oar: 2 ps

Repair kit: 1 pc

Manual (in English): 1 pc

Adapter for valve: 1 pc

Bag for the boat: 1 pc

Bag for the floor: 1 pc

PVC material and seams – 48 months

Furniture – 12 months


If you absolutely adore water activities: fishing, diving, snorkeling, waterskiing or just having fun on water with kids, family and friends you will surely find the proper use for our foldable inflatable tenders. They are very compact and quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. No problems with storing, no worries about keeping it in shape. You need it, just take it out, you do not need it, just fold it back.

Our yacht tenders and dinghies range includes boats from a tiny AM-180, fun for one model, to a bigger AM-305, which has a carrying capacity of 425 kg and capability to accommodate 4 persons. The range offers various sizes and various capacities for every purpose. Strengthened transom and keelson are an additional guarantee of safety. The built-in transom allows to use the motor of 6 h.p.

The AM-290 is an ideal choice for an “egoist” who likes to use his boat to the maximum. The boats are designed for small water areas, their main features are high manoeuvrability and mobility. Increased tube diameter and a hard ourboard PVC strip make the boat resistant to the waves at 7-9 m/s wind, without ingress of water into the boat.