Length: 2900 mm

Width: 1380 mm

Tube diameter: 400 mm

Capacity: 170 kg/ 2 persons

Maximum motor power: 2.5 hp

Boat weight: 31 kg

Packed dimensions (boat): 900x650x300 mm

Packed dimensions (wooden floor set): 750x650x80 mm

Air chamber: 3+1

Transom: Built-in

Boat: 1 pc.

Wooden floor set: 1 pc.

Bench seat: 2 pcs.

Foot pump: 1 pc.

Oar (aluminum): 2 pcs.

Repair kit (material patch + glue): 1 pc.

Product passport (in English): 1 pc.

Air valve adapter: 1 pc.

Carry bag for a boat: 1 pc.

Carry bag for a wooden floor set: 1 pc.

PVC material and seams – 36 months

Furniture – 12 months


If you absolutely adore water activities: fishing, diving, snorkeling, waterskiing or just having fun on water with kids, family and friends you will surely find the proper use for our foldable inflatable tenders. They are so compact and quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, that it will be fun just packing and unpacking. No problems with storing, no worries of keeping it in shape. You need it, just take it out, you do not need it, just fold it back.

Our yacht tenders and dinghies range includes boats from a tiny AM-180, fun for one model, to a bigger AM-290, which has a carrying capacity of 170 kg and capability to accommodate 2 persons. The range offers various sizes and various capacities for every purpose.

The AM-290 is a practical solution, not small, still portable. Use it for fishing or cruising, or for going to and back from a bigger yacht. The AM-270 as standard comes complete with built-in durable wooden mount to accommodate outboard motor of up to 2.5 hp, oarlocks, towing rings, lifelines, a bow handle, two wooden bench seats, aluminum oars, an inflation pump and a repair kit. Like all Admiral boats, with a standard delivery set you will have carry bags for your boat and the wooden floor set.

Technical specification

Length 2900 mm
Width 1380 mm
Cockpit length 2100 mm
Cockpit width 580 mm
Tube diameter 400 mm
Capacity 170 kg/ 2 persons
Maximum motor power 2.5 hp
Boat weight 31 kg
Packed dimensions (boat) 900х650х300 mm
Packed dimensions (wooden floor set) 750х650х80 mm
Air chamber 3+1
Built-in Built-in


Bench seat 750х200 mm (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm)
Floor Wooden floor board (marine grade plywood BS1088, 9 mm, nonskid surface)


Thickness 0,7 mm
Total weight 850 gr/m2
Temperature resistance -30 °C / +70 °C

The boat comes being fitted with

  • Built-in transom made of heavy-duty marine plywood
  • Bow handle
  • 2 stern handles
  • D-ring for anchor
  • D-ring/tow ring at the bow
  • Grab ropes on both sides