Length (mm): 3800

Width (mm): 1900

Cockpit length (mm): 2750

Cockpit width (mm): 900

Tube diameter (mm): 500

Maximum bearing capacity (kg): 585

Boat weight (kg): 80

Max motor power (h.p): 30

Boat bag size (cm): 140x70x40

Floor bag size (cm): 110x55x15

Boat: 1 pc

Bench seat: 2 pcs

Pump : 1 pc

Oar: 2 pcs

Repair kit: 1 pc

Manual (in English): 1 pc

PVC material and seams – 48 months

Furniture – 12 months

The boat АМ-380 Air floor is light, obedient, gentle, easily comes into planing regime. Due to its construction and low weight, it is well used with the outboard motor of minimum power. Calculated keel dimensions and stream-line forms diminish surface exposed to the wind.